T25: My First Impression!

I want to write a QUICK blog merely to talk about my first impressions of T25, as I just did it (finally) for the first time yesterday. I did the Cardio disc (from the Alpha set) and I was beyond impressed. It literally reminded me of a perfect marriage between Turbofire and Insanity: there was even an option to have the music “LOUD” (like turbo fire!)

When it comes to the workouts, it is 100% absolutely FUN and the time literally does fly by pretty quickly. There was only 2 parts of the workout where I felt completely exhausted and really found myself looking at the time. I was quickly reminded, however, that Tania drastically modifies all of the movements and I joined her immediately. Guess what? The modifications DO work! I was able to catch my breath, when joining Tania and then started hitting it hard again. This movements appear to be subdued greater than that of Turbofire’s modifications (with Alee.) This really allows me to truly believe that ANYBODY of any of level can do this workout and build their way to full force intensity.

The music was a lot of fun and it really got me pumped up, which is VERY important! I would have to say that turbofire has a slight edge on T25 in this regard because Chalene goes to great efforts to provide workout remixes/covers to familiar tunes (“Play that funky music”, “Boom I got your boyfriend!” “Raise your glass”, etc.) Keep in mind, however, I am basing this initial review off of ONE disc and the music could change (with the other discs to follow.)

Using my Fitbit Flex I noticed I burned about 400 calories, which is about the same amount I would burn during Turbofire. I could not believe this as T25 is only 25 minutes! I did notice Fridays are double-days (where two workouts are recommended) but it gives you the option of doing one of them and doing the other one on a weekend day. So, technically, the program IS 25 minutes a day (as scheduled)…but you can do more, if you want ultimate results. I like that it gives an option to do more.

Overall, I am greatly impressed with this new workout that Shaun T has brought forward and I cannot wait to officially start the entire program next week (7/8/13) It makes me proud to be part of a company that thinks outside the box and is able to deliver a product that is truly for everybody. Let’s face it: a good workout DOES take time and that’s why it’s so nice to be able to finally have an option to get it done in less time. Plus, there are variations to EVERY move and people of all levels can perform this program (injuries, bad knees/joints, etc.) I am featuring this workout program for my challenge group (that begins on July 15th) and I cannot wait to see the reactions of the participants when they finally begin! I am sure they will be just as impressed as I am! There literally is no excuse: T25 is on sale right now (90$ savings with challenge pack) and at 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Dig deeper…in less time.



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