Leg Day Exercises & Ideas

     I’ve been ask about help toning/sculpting legs recently and I honestly love lower body/leg days! Lunges and squats are so important, but I love to mix it up and make it fun every now and then.
     Here are a few of my favorite exercises I do that help tone/sculpt (in order of play sequence.)  you can easily implement them into your leg day routines however you see fit (1 minute segments, alternating each exercise…etc.) 🔗note: they can be done with or without a step (sometimes I like to increase the step height for added challenge.)
         1⃣ Stairs! I love stairs as they are part of our everyday life and can easily be found. Start out with simple slow walks, then graduate to sprints/runs.Never hesitate to get get creative with it, too (lunges, skip steps, squats, etc.)
         2⃣ Step climbs with alternating hop. Make sure to keep your core engaged, as to alleviate any pressure off your back. An easy way to modify the movement is to skip the hop and alternate knee tucks. The step can also be taken away and be replaced with step-forward and back alternating walks or marches.
         3⃣ Toe Tap jogs/sprints. The higher the step, the higher the intensity. Again, engage your core to
Not only help your back but to get a killer ab workout. You can’t see in video, but you can also alternate your elbows side to side to get more of an abdominal crunch. Modification: take away the step and do grounded taps or jog taps with ground.
        4⃣ Calf raises! Engage that core, especially when weights are involved! Your lower body is so strong, so I recommend using heavier weights (30+) use very slow movements to really get a good burn and work your calves to the max! This can easily be modified without weights and substituting with bands. Keep your movements really slow, pretend like you are lifting 500 lbs to add intensity without weights.
     Hope this all helps to add some variety to your leg day. Reach out to be with any questions you might have and work those legs, in the meantime 💙

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