Beachbody Black Friday Deals!

I wanted to take this time and fill you in on some of the AMAZING Black Friday deals that are going on with Beachbody, going live at 12 Noon (PST)/3PM (Eastern.)

Among the many deals, some of the standouts, which will go FAST are:

  • Turbofire Deluxe DVD W/ Tracker Journal for 29.95$ (regularly 59.70$)
  • Insanity: The Asylum W/ Chin-Up Bar for 89.85 (regularly 149.95$)
  • Energy & Endurance 90-Day Tub for 39.95 (regularly 89.95$)
  • Derm Exclusive Fill & Freeze Treatment Pen 5-pack for 39.95$ (regularly 110$)

The last time beachbody had a sale, a lot of the items disappeared (within the first hour.) So I urge you to ACT NOW!

If you want to sign up for a FREE Account, beforehand, please follow this link

You can find the sale items on the following page, when the sale goes live:

Naturally, there is an added discount if you are a club member or an added coach. Please contact me with questions, if you would like a further discount. ย Please see chart below to see price differences for each membership.





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